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Svalbard 1 PU (2.0) tent 1 person Dark Olive

Sale price£215.00

Embrace the rugged solitude of the wilderness with the Svalbard 1 PU, a fortress of functionality for the solo adventurer. Upgraded for strength...

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  • Easy to pitch one person tent
  • Spacious with small pack size and low weight
  • Engineered pole construction for true sit-up height
  • 4 pole socks and pole hooks makes pitching simple and effective
  • Front and back can be rolled away

The Lone Explorer's Retreat


Embrace the rugged solitude of the wilderness with the Svalbard 1 PU, a fortress of functionality for the solo adventurer. Upgraded for strength and designed for effortless utility, the latest iteration offers an outer-pitched architecture, ensuring swift setup and a dry interior, even as the skies unleash their fury. With its reinforced structure, innovative ventilation, and a suite of enhancements aimed at optimizing your outdoor experience, the Svalbard 1 PU is ready to face the elements alongside you.

The 2024 model of the Svalbard 1 PU introduces an outer-pitched system, a design choice that ensures you can set up a dry haven, even in the pouring rain. The clever construction keeps the inner cabin sheltered during setup, offering you and your gear immediate protection from the elements.

Inside, the Svalbard 1 PU’s sleeping area is surprisingly roomy, complemented by additional room in the porch for your boots and cooking gear. The tall pole construction doesn’t skimp on headroom either, giving you the freedom to sit up and move around without feeling confined.

Pitching the Svalbard 1 PU is a breeze, thanks to its convenient pole socks and hooks-system, designed for simplicity and efficiency. Your Svalbard will up in no time.

And for those who love to gaze at the stars or welcome a morning view, the entire front section can be rolled away, giving you a direct view to the sky.

Upgrades from the previous generation make this tent even more appealing. The new guy line system, adds further to the Svalbards already impressive strength. A redesigned, larger door offers easier access, while the articulated cut for ground ventilation ensures a fresh and condensation-free interior. Plus, with a simplified cabin-to-flysheet connection, you’re guaranteed a lighter load and easier handling.

As you prepare for your journeys, remember to pair your Svalbard 1 PU with the matching spare pole set for unexpected challenges and the custom-fit footprint to shield against rough terrain and damp ground. Together, they form an unbeatable trio that enhances your camping experience, ensuring that the Svalbard 1 PU remains your trusted companion on many adventures to come.



FlysheetLength: 275 cm
Width: 125 cm
Height: 105 cm

Inner tentLength: 265 cm
Width: 115 cm
Height: 100 cm


Official Weight2100 g

Total Weight2200 g


ColourDark Olive

Composition100% Polyester

ConstructionRip Stop


Hydrostatic Head3000 mm


Composition100% Polyester


TypeInner tent


Composition100% Polyester

TypeGround sheet

Hydrostatic Head8000 mm

Accessories included

Guy LineGuy rope, 2.5 mm polyester

Number of Guy Lines4

Number of Pegs11

Peg TypesPegs, Alu square skewer

Number of Poles2

Pole TypePoles, 8.5 mm Aluminium

Pack size

Diameter12 cm

Length50 cm


Tent ConstructionDouble wall

PitchingOuter pitched

Tent Type1 person tent



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