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1-2 Person tents for compact travelling

Discover compact, space-saving 1-2 person tents here at Nordisk! Our range includes harsh-weather proof tents, extreme lightweight tents, all tents  easy to pitch tents for any situation. Complete with groundsheets, poles, pegs and storage bags, you’ll find everything you need for your tent here.

20 Products - 1-2 persons


On this page you can find all our tent models that sleep 1-2 people. Whether you need just enough space for you and your hiking gear, or a compact tent that’s easy to carry, you’ll find it here.

The three main benefits of buying 1-2 person tents

  • The compact size makes them easy to pitch and fold away.
  • Smaller tents require less poles and pegs, making them lighter to carry.
  • Tents close to the ground are less affected by weather conditions as they are more streamlined.

The main advantage of 1-2 person tents is the size. A smaller tent offers the same benefits as any size tent – a waterproof and wind-proof transportable shelter. But they are most beneficial to runners, hikers and travellers where saving space and keeping luggage light is essential.

Buying guide for 1-2 man tents

If this is your first tent buying experience or you’re just not sure how to select a single tent from the vast range available at Nordisk, you should consider these features.

  • Does it have a porch or separate compartment? Some smaller tents still have tiny porches and compartments where you can store muddy hiking boots and keep the inner tent dry. Is that something you need?
  • Does the tent have good waterproofing and airflow? Small spaces can get very claustrophobic and being so close to the ground, you’ll be dealing with dampness from below as well as above.
  • How durable is the tent? Look for high-tech rip stop nylon with hydrophobic coatings (to repel water) and Dyneema guy rope – rope that’s strong enough to pull a car!

Make sure you watch our helpful videos for each tent and take note of the dimensions! If you need any assistance, our customer service would be delighted to help you choose a 1-2 man tent.


Scroll back up to take another look at our 1-2 person tents and you are almost settled for your next adventure.